Monday, June 20, 2016



Name of article
Making radio waves
Both a boy and a girl are holding microphone
They have headphones on
They've got some  sort of eletrekly board                                                                                                                                                 
They've got a hole lot of notices and clock
They have 3 computers
There's some cds on the wall
Theres porsers
Before reading Questions
What is an electrical board?
Why do the  children  have microfones ?
Why are they wearing headphones ?
Are they on radio?
Druining reading
Why do they have a website
Do they promote the company
What is a transmitter
Where is layle bay school
Why do the school have a radio station   
Why Do people email them
Can people all over the world hear them



Team 2 science

   Term 2 science experiment
                How we did it
Harlem  Noah and I  and chose to make a bendy strore.  
We used a  plastic straw clear glass
We strained the straw out and put it into the glass of water  looked like was cut in half.
         Why it happened
We can only see objects  because light travels from
The objects in a straight line into our eyes.  
When the straight line bends it may  seem like
It’s cut in half but it's really just a aluation.


A alulation is’t  when light        
Comes of an object in a
Dent line line into your
Eyes .

An object is a shape

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