Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Lost in The Warehouse
Personal Goal: To improve punctuation and fluency
“I’ll just be in the sports section” I said.
‘Ok’ I’ll just be in the clothes section.’’ said Mum. When I had finished looking at the sports gear I looked at the clothes section she wasn't there!!!     
I didn't know what  I had done to get lost in the warehouse. ‘Am I eventually going to get out of here’ I thought to myself. Well I was  running across the clothes aisle but she wasn't there. I was terrified.   

By that time my heart was racing. A few moments later I sprinted to the front counter
And asked if they could call my mum

So they did .  Then it turned out that I didn't look hard enough. In the clothes  aisle that's where they were. I guess that I didn't look hard enough.