Thursday, April 13, 2017

camp 2 !!!

  Te Urewera / Camp Kaitawa
There I was in the dark and in damp surroundings. I am covered in warm woolen clothing. foot after foot we trudged  up a dimly lit path up a steep hill that seemed like it led to nowhere -  big hairy wetas at my feet, spider webs in my hair , sweat running down my face and mud covering my shoes. But wait where can i be ? I was   up Lou’s Lookout a beautiful place with a stunning walking track  in Te Urewera with some pretty amazing glow worms  all around us. It was unbelievable how some glow worms live in caves but most of them live in the bush. When my group got to the top, we saw a jaw dropping  glimpse of Te Urewera and Lake Waikaremoana.  The  big effort was was really worth it in the end.

Jimmy Macken

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