Monday, July 4, 2016


   Term 2 lad 12 science experiment- Bent Straw
                How we did it
Harlem  Noah and I   chose to make a bendy straw.  
We used a  plastic straw and clear glass
We straightened the straw out and put it into the glass of water .
Image result for water
          What we noticed
We noticed that the straw looked cut in half but when we looked
On the other side it just looked like a normal straw I was (amazed).
I took it out and put it back in it was the same .
I put another straw in at the same time they both looked
Cut in half .  
         Why it happened
We can only see (objects)  because light travels from
The objects in a straight line into our eyes.  
When the straight line bends it may  seem like
It’s cut in half but it's really just an (illusion).

    Why we chose it
Harlem noah and I forgot to bring in our pacific items in for our
Experiment so mr Kenny assigned  us to this experiment

How we made it / how you can make it
                      What you need to make it
   1 a clear glass of water
   2 a plastic straw
                            (Method )
Take  the glass of water and put the straw in it look at the side
Look at the top of the straw then look at the bottom of the glass
Look  into the middle  

An object is a 3d shape

An  illusion is when a shape
Plays a trick on your eyes

Methode is how you bo

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