Tuesday, September 20, 2016

facts and quistions

  sonny bill williams
He is 1.94m tall and weighs 108 kg .
Why does he like boxing?
Sonny bill has a sister called niall williams   in the rio 2016 olympics and had a loss on 9/8 2016 rio olympic final to australia
Has he ever thourt  of Quitting rugby and starting a new sport like afl  ?

He has 4 siblings called niall, john,ather and binse williams  
does he  think that he suts  the all blacks
He was born in auckland on August the 3 1985  
dose he think that he can win the olympics

He is also a heavyweight boxer
Has he ever knocked someone out



1 Our friend mark harvey from north  shore rugby club in auckland is now men's olympic 7’s team   he  trains sonny bill liam messon  Akira loan sam dickson scott curry Augustine Pulu Augustine Pulu
 2  mark lives in auckland and supports the north shore rugby club .
3  he also supports  north harbor  and has been for agers



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